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NSWGR Trikes

Text Box: NSWGR Trikes is a Father and Son team that takes on an active interest in the preservation and restoration of certain types of NSW railway track vehicles. Together we own a collection of trikes*, some have been restored to full working order while others are on the to do list.

Our interest in these machine dates back to 1987. It started with a Fairmont ST2 and the, then unrestricted use of the Blayney to Cowra cross country branch line.
Over the years we have learnt much having worked with and operated most trikes the New South Wales Government Railways employed.

This site is for sharing information and promoting this hobby.
Check out our Facebook, Blog and Youtube channel for the latest news from the NSWGR Trikes workshop. 

NSWGR Trikes seeks out these machine for preservation and/or restoration. If you have one of these machines or know of one, we would like to hear about it. 

* = Trikes is a slang term used in NSW to describe these machines despite having 4 wheels. Other terms used are; section cars, speeders, motor cars, quads, gang cars, inspection vehicles.

The information and pictures on this are owned by NSWGR Trikes. Otherwise noted.

A book published by

the Australian Railway Historical Society.


Triking the Length

A short history of the railway track vehicles in New South Wales

By Jim Longworth



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Text Box: A consortium has been established for those of us interested in trikes. 

From the company’s website
“Motorcar Consortium Limited. Is a not-for-profit company established in 2008 by a group of motor car (speeder) owners who wish to gain access to the New South Wales and New Zealand Networks

The Consortium is currently working towards accreditation in both jurisdictions.”

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Preservation and Restoration of NSW Railway Track Vehicles

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A selection of trikes we’ve restored

NSWGR Trikes